Donations for James

This site was created in order to give people an opportunity to help James get back on his feet. James comes out of prison with absolutely nothing but the legal documents he’s used to fight his case these 24 years, and the clothes on his back. It’s a long road to rebuild a life after decades behind bars, and James needs your help in the coming months to get his life started.

James will be seeking a Certificate of Innocence to clear his name once-and-for-all. In the meantime, while he looks for work, he will need some supplies to start afresh.

Please consider donating a small amount to help James as he sets out to rebuild the life stolen from him 24 years ago. He will need housing, clothing and food to begin this long journey. If you would like to donate funds to James, please send a check to:

James Kluppelberg
312 North May Street
Suite 100
Chicago, Illinois 60607

If you have in-kind donations, please e-mail the information to:

Or you can donate via PayPal:

9 Responses to Donations for James

  1. Mark Lieske says:

    james I never knew you but I knew your son while he was at St. Andrews grade school and I knew then HE was a extraordinary young man. Please know that even though you weren’t in his life then he carried himself in a very respectable manner, and I’m very proud to know him, please let him know I want very to see him and meet with you .I’m VERY happy that You have been shown you to be innocent and I would Love to meet You and see Your son james again. My name is Mark Lieske, my e-mail is My phone number is 773-851-4277, my address is 3204 S. Racine Ave. Chicago, Il. 60608 PLEASE contact me at your earliest convenience, again I am so glad that things have turned out for You the way that they have Welcome back my brother in Christ and may GOD be with you and your family and your grand-children. I feel it must be a great joy to you and yet a Very new life to get use to. I’m SURE you will do Great in it and don’t be afraid of the internet , cause I still have very little knowledge of how it works and I’ve been here the whole time that you have been there, with all my heartfelt joy WELCOME BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jeanne Ross says:

    I am delighted that another person is freed. I have a nephew currently in same prison with an innocence project behind him. Hope he is freed too. See for his case.

  3. raydiant1s says:

    Congratulations, James, on winning your freedom back. I also have a nephew in Menard who has an Innocence project helping him find his freedom. See my website for details.

  4. Dorothy says:

    I met Jim this weekend and had the opportunity to speak with him at length. His story is a sad one, but he has a wonderful attitude and is going to do well now that he is free.

  5. jimmy im glad you are home again. i always knew u were innocent u look great. its me dawn coughlin three vtimes a lady. im still living down on 26th street june died 2002 my daughters living in tennessee doing great. call me if u like 773 259 9468 god bless u and your family. say hello to your mom and vicki,laura and freddie for me. got job opportunities for you through my brothers brian and rich if interested

  6. Jim Thomas says:

    I met James Kluppelberg in Stateville many years ago when I brought students on tours of
    the prison. He worked in the commissary, and would always take time to share his experiences
    and insights with them. He was (and is) a natural communicator, and students found the
    experience with him a high-point of the tour. He would be a great guest speaker for
    classes, organizations, or other events, and we hope to have him speak to us at NIU.

  7. Alan Morgan says:

    Hi Jim
    (Not related to Judge Morgan)
    I was the older man that came to
    stateville on the tour of the facility,
    with 3 university of illinois students,
    one being my daughter! It was arranged
    by assistant states attorney/ professor
    at UIC!

    Well, little did I know, we would meet
    you on the tour, and blow our minds
    with your story and as a result we think
    about you often! When you ended up
    on the news, about your long awaited
    release, our entire household went
    crazy! We are all rooting for you!
    You are in our minds and in our hearts!
    Alan and Beka Morgan

  8. Pam says:

    I could not help, but to hear part of your story when you were on the phone near me at the doctor’s office. Congrats for being released. I hope your life is going well now. I wish the law would punish the people that are really guilty of hurting people instead of innocent people being blamed. I had an exhusband who actually threatened to burn our own home down while we were married. He even told me that I shouldn’t think he wouldn’t do it because he said he had done it before for people. He is a professional fireman, which was scary. Months later after my divorce was final, I got death threats texted to my phone that said “Your husband paid me well to get rid of you.” there were other threats for awhile then the messages stopped for 22 days until the day that my exhusband threatened me on the phone that he would change the locks on our house because I had removed a few pictures of our kids from the wall. During that argument I got one more text threat. That day the kids and I were locked out by my exhusband changing the locks on our home. Months later I was informed that the police had traced the messages to my first exhusband who lives 2.5 hours away and who should not have known I was getting a divorce from my second husband. It is my belief that my second husband was actually in our hometown of Fort Wayne when the death threats from a Fort Wayne cellphone first came. The prosecuting attorney office is pursuing the case, but I do not believe my first exhusband worked alone and I would have no idea how he had information about me that he should not have known like my phone number and my schedule. I feel my second husband was involved. I have also had my current exhusband stalk me in front of our home. I can go on for days about all the strange things that have happened an about all the things I endured. I feel that since my exhusband is a professional fireman, he gets away with looking good to the public and no one believes the outrageous things he did to me and our kids. Sorry for what happened to you, I am beginning to believe that guilty people are the ones who never get in trouble. I even put on Facebook that I feel that laws only work to protect the criminal. If I had a literary agent I would write a book and it would be called “Don’t Marry Fire If You Don’t Want Burned.” I did not wish to interrupt your phone conversation in the wainting room at Northshore. I am sorry too for easdropping, but good luck with everything…

  9. Linda Weston says:

    Our justice system is and has been broke for a long time he is not the only person that has been released from prison in Illinois that has been convicted for committing a crime they did not do . The one good thing that the former Governor Ryan did was to take every one off of death row he admitted our courts were corrupt and needed to be investigated. I am sure James Kluppelberg will be filing a lawsuit against the state i am very happy he is out of there it is very sad to know when you seek justice in a court that there are states attorneys that will take bribes and payoffs Operation gray lord broke open the courts in Cook County Illinois. it needs to happen again a lot of these judges think they are above the law
    God bless you James for never giving up hope!

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